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Spotlight on Elaine Corcoran Pohl

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Some of you know that I have been taking an online marketing class. One of our assignments was to start blogging on a regular basis. Blogging is like keeping a journal or writing a letter to friends about subjects we care about. I decided I’d use the occasion of each of our senior staff’s birthdays to feature someone who is important to the success and well being of our business. The experience we offer on the WW Durant is so personal it’s almost like being invited into our home. And it’s our staff who help make it personal, friendly and hospitable.

I started with Biz Noonan, cocktail server extraordinaire who has worked for us over a dozen years.  Her 35th birthday was November 8.


Elaine Corcoran Pohl, Chef Jim, WW DurantThe spotlight is now on our daughter-in-law.  Elaine’s 26th birthday was January 13. Born in 1988 outside of Philadelphia, it’s weird to think Elaine was just three years old when we launched the Durant in 1991!

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