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Archive: Feb 2015

Spotlight on Chef Jim Pohl- it’s his birthday today!

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Thought you might like to get to know Jim a little more. This piece was written a couple of years ago and updated.

People are always amazed at the quality of food that comes out of the tiny galley on the WW Durant.  And the quantity!  Some say it’s like a magician who just keeps pulling scarves out of his sleeve!  Who is responsible for this magic act?  Spotlight today is on  Executive Chef Jim Pohl, Dean and Donna’s younger son and number three child.

 James Dean Pohl, born February 11, 1981 in one of the warmest and snow free Februaries on record, was named for two hardworking fellas:  Jim Bird and Dean Pohl.   Hard to beat that kind of company if you know either one of those men!  Jim was the only baby born in Raquette Lake that year so he was a kindergarten class of one- smartest kid in his class!

Jim is in the middle back row with vertical striped shirt.

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