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Win/Win! Buffet Dinner Cruise

July 5th - Aug. 30th

Quick Details

Child Under 12 years old

Starting Friday, July 5th and running through Friday, August 30th.

The price is right at $50/adult (tax and tip included) & kids under 12 are only $25. We will be offering menu items from Chef Jim’s book of recipes that get requested over and over again. This cruise boards at 4:30 and sails 5-7:30 so we’ll always come back in the daylight. Shrimp cocktail, cheese platters and nut appetizers are available to pre-order when you make your reservation as well. These will be served on the upper deck, weather permitting. Approximately 1/2 hour after we sail, we will call you to go through the buffet line by party, where you can enjoy dinner in the dining room before returning to the upper deck for dessert and coffee.

We created this cruise concept to make it a Win/Win for both our loyal patrons and our hard working staff. Our customers love it because it is one of our more affordable dinner cruises and our staff love it because their workday ends with daylight to spare! Win/Win!