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Capt Dean is something

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Capt Dean is something

Dean installing generator

Have to make the photo large so you’ll notice the lifting eye (O screw) in the ceiling….See the tag attached?

25 years ago when Dean was installing the engines and the first generator, he put that O lifting eye in the ceiling so they could lift the 1100 lb generator and 2000 lb engines down into the hold.  Then, planner that he is, he decided he better leave that hole in the ceiling in case he ever had to replace one of these heavy pieces of equipment.  He covered the hole made by the eye with an attractive plate, tagged the O lifting eye as to what it was for and put it in storage.  25 years later, when it’s time to take out the old generator and install a new one, he remembers the eye, where it is, takes off the decorative plate, screws it into the ceiling and voila!  We were all amazed at his foresight!