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Steve Van Zandt live Stand-Up Comedy Show

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Steve Van Zandt live Stand-Up Comedy Show

Steve VanZ photoIt’s been said that “imitation” is the sincerest form of flattery.  If that’s true, then Comedian and Voice Actor Steve Van Zandt sure knows how to give a compliment!
Best known for his amazingly accurate vocal and physical impersonations of the famous,  Steve’s live Stand-Up Comedy Shows are an eclectic mix of hilarious Celebrity Voices, completely original characters, and a lifetime of very funny observations through the eyes of this middle-aged baby-boomer. And he delivers it all with a unique, laugh-inducing, six-foot-five-inch stage persona.

Steve Van Zandt performing on the WW Durant Friday, Sept 4.  Board 9:15.  Sail 9:45-11.  $20 pp.  Reservations required.  Call 315-354-5532 to reserve.

Traveling across the United States, Canada and beyond, Steve dazzles and thoroughly entertains his audiences at whatever the venue may be: Comedy Club, Resort, Casino, on a Cruise Ship stage halfway around the world, or at a private Corporate Comedy event.

Born in Albany, New York and raised in its suburbs, Steve grew up smack in the middle of nine siblings. At about age five he discovered his knack for mimicry by imitating his mom—as she spoke to her mom—on the phone in Italian. The bit would crack up his family and garner him plenty of hard-to-come-by attention. Before long, Steve was imitating his teachers, his football coach, even his boss at the local Burger King. Soon he began tackling the vocal patterns of the more famous voices of the time (Jackie Gleason, Johnny Carson, Bing Crosby, etc.) and by his late teens he had over sixty spot-on celebrity impersonations in his repertoire.

Steve’s first real taste of show biz came in the spring of 1978 when, at age 19, he entered a local talent contest and won its grand prize—a trip to Hollywood to audition for the “Gong Show” on NBC. Of course, the 1970’s classic is best known for its outrageous acts and the bizarre antics of its creator/host Chuck Barris. However, Steve was chosen to appear n the show, and his performance wowed Barris and the celebrity judges. They awarded his act a perfect score—a rare occurrence during the show’s four-year run.

Aside from a few stints at hosting his own “morning drive” radio shows, Steve has been performing stand-up comedy full time since 1991. That year he appeared on ABC TV’s “America’s Funniest People”, winning the runner-up cash prize. Other national appearances include “Show Me the Funny” on the Fox Family Channel and “Comedy at Club 54” on Canada’s Comedy Channel.
Over the years Steve has also had the privilege of opening shows for a wide variety of past and present entertainment icons, including Henny Youngman, Debbie Reynolds, Michael Bolton, Willie Nelson, Howie Mandel and “Weird Al” Yankovic, to name a few.

In the business world, Steve has performed well over two thousand corporate comedy shows throughout the United States. Companies such as Allstate, General Electric, McDonald’s, Coldwell Banker, Frito Lay, IBM and even NASA have called on Steve to inject some funny into their business functions.  He recently performed at the Carol Theater in Chestertown with 2 other comedians to rave reviews. Steve’s versatile vocal dexterity has also placed him in high demand as an Award-Winning Voice Actor. Since recording his first radio commercial more than 35 years ago, Steve has been featured in thousands of audio and audio-visual projects of every type—even toys!
So remember…pack a good dose of humor in your Labor Day weekend plans….and compliment it with the comedic stylings of Steve Van Zandt!  See you on the Durant this Friday!