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Archive: Dec 2014

Moonlight Season Pass $50. Save $20.

Moonlight cruise with live entertainment starting June 27, 2015.  Last one is Sat Sept 5, 2015.  That’s 10 cruises for $50.  If bought individually, you would pay $7 each time, for a total of $70.

Fall video footage

Roost out of Lake Placid is responsible for this footage. What do you think?  Go to the website and click on any one of the spins.  Kinda cool!

$49 pp Sagamore & Luncheon cruise!

$49 Christmas special! Guided tour Sagamore + luncheon cruise. If purchased individually would be $56.

Only 1 day to xmas!

Give the gift of a Raquette Lake cruise experience! $40 lunch; $60 dinner; $75 intimate dining; $15-25 pizza; $15 excursion; $50 Moonlight Cruise Season Pass