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Archive: Sep 2013

Who do you want to dress up as on Oct 13?

 Gilligan  Skipper  Professor  Mr Howell  Mrs Howell  Ginger  Mary Ann …with Gilligan…the Skipper too…the Millionaire and His Wife… the Movie Star…the Professor and MaryAnn… Click on any character to learn more about them The Characters Regular Cast Pilot Cast Gilligan Denver, Bob Denver, Bob Skipper Jonas Grumby Hale Jr., Alan Hale Jr., Alan Professor Roy Hinkley Johnson, Russell Gabriel, John Thurston Howell III Backus, Jim Backus, Jim Lovey Wentworth Howell Schafer, Natalie Schafer, Natalie Ginger Grant Louise, Tina Smythe, Kit Mary Ann Summers Wells, Dawn McCarthy, Nancy (Bunny) Radio Announcer Maxwell, Charles Unknown Denver, Bob Gilligan was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. He had a turtle named Herman, and pigeon-toed Walter Stuckmeyer was one of his friends. His best friend was Skinny Mulligan. Gilligan once worked in a gas station, and was president of his 8th grade camera…

Gilligan’s Island Brunch Menu

Sun, Oct 13 6 courses Course 1 Avocado Deviled Egg with Citrus Zest ~ Elixir Bloody Mary Shooter with Vodka Infused Basil Pesto and Crumbled Bacon ~ Course 2 Lollipop Lamb Chops with Tzatziki Sauce over Island Rice ~ Spearmint Mojito with Cranberry Effervescence ~ Course 3 Spicy Thai Coconut Soup ~ Crabbie’s Ginger Beer…

Ladies’ Night Full Moon Moonlight Cruise

This Saturday, Sept 21.  10-11:30.  All gals 21 yrs + free admission.  Others $7. Jason Hall and the Fat River Kings entertaining.  Reservations not required.

Wynde Kate, who was a server for years, comes back at least once a year!

She and her husband and little boy live in Lake Placid.  They have a landscaping business as well as health foods store. 

Love it when former staff come to visit!

Macie Groves worked for us for several years.  She now lives in Portland, Oregon and came east this July for her grandfather’s 80th birthday. Macie and her boyfriend come back to visit.

USA Today ran this article on Santanoni on Aug 25, 2013 in their travel section   Good to promote our history and hesitage!  And in a national paper.  Good work!Then the article was picked up by the Hudson Valley Connisseur, “The region’s authority on refined living.”  A friend of mine from Saugerties gave me a copy of the article.

Largest newspaper on Long Island mentions W.W. Durant.

Thanks Mitch Edelstein for bringing this to our attention.