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Archive: Apr 2018

Birch Cottage on Raquette Lake – 1 week left in August

We open up Birch Cottage about May 20 and close her up about October 20. One week left in August.    Quite a few openings in May, June, Sept and Oct. Go to complete description and pricing.

Looking for a rental on Raquette Lake? Birch Cottage has a few openings this season.

This is our calendar of availability.  If you see any openings that correspond with your needs give us a call.  Birch Cottage is a special place.  Actually, we call it sacred ground.  Having your morning coffee or tea on the bluff overlooking Raquette Lake ……doesn’t get any better.

We know the web cam is down!

Every time the power goes out, we lose the web cam.  And the power has been going out a lot!  Just ask the people who have put their baby to bed in a snowsuit!  We’re working on it.