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Rachel Pohl


We thank you and our staff over the years for enabling us to reach and complete a 28th season cruising and dining on Raquette Lake. “…around half of all businesses no longer exist after five years. Only one-third make it past their 10th anniversary. These statistics have been remarkably consistent through the years. Interestingly, major…

Spotlight on Rachel Caroline Pohl

People are interested in stories.   Storytelling helps people relate to one another.   We often use staff birthdays as the occasion to highlight their stories and transform them from the service provider you enjoy on a cruise to a flesh and bones human being with diverse experiences and talents.  To date we have written about Biz…

Updating our website

Have a look at our About Page. Captain Dean at the helm Just posted profiles of Captain Dean, Chef Jim and Rachel. Chef Jim Rachel

Look who’s on front page of local paper!

Rachel Pohl applied for and was granted a loan to take her Elixir business to the next level.  Congratulations Rachel!